Why You Should Be Covered For Accidental Death

Disease and illness could potentially affect all of us at some stage in our lives. Fortunately, we could limit our risk of developing common illnesses through positive lifestyle changes. However, when it comes to accidental death, we’re powerless - but we can help to protect our family's financial future with insurance.  

Accidental death is relatively uncommon, but the aftermath can be more dramatic than death by natural causes. Without warning, our family is forced to come to terms quickly with the loss of a loved one in tragic circumstances. On top of that, there may be unexpected bills and expenses to pay at short notice.  

Our policies account for the fact that not everyone passes away from natural causes - that’s why we offer Accidental Death Cover.  

With our Guaranteed policy, you’re covered against accidental death immediately. With our Family Life Insurance policy, you can choose to add additional Accidental Death Cover if you wish. 

But what exactly is Accidental Death Cover? How can it protect your family? Let’s start with the basics… 

What is the Smart definition of Accidental Death? 

You might usually think of an accident as an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and was unintentional – but results in some kind of damage or injury. But, the legal definition of insurance is more specific. When we refer to accidental death, we mean an event that results in serious bodily injury or death, caused by accidental, violent and external means. 

Crucially, the term ‘accidental’ does not cover self-inflicted injuries (including suicide).  

Under a Smart policy, death is considered an ‘accidental death’ if; An accident has been established as having occurred under the definition mentioned above and the accident results in the policyholder’s death with a 90-day period. 

In some cases, death will be sudden and at short notice – for example where there is a car accident, workplace injury or natural disaster. Our policies acknowledge that some people succumb to their accidental injury after a short period of time in intensive care or on life support.  

How Smart Life covers you for accidental death 

At Smart we offer two policies that can provide cover for accidental death: 

  1. Smart Family Life Insurance 
  2. Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance  


But what’s the difference?  

Accidental Death and our Guaranteed policy 

Our Guaranteed Life Insurance policy covers you for accidental death from day one, so you have peace of mind from the moment your policy is agreed. It's important to note that cover for death by natural causes comes into effect after 24 months under the same policy. Your family will receive 3x your chosen benefit amount should you die as a result of an accident.  

If you suffer an accident or die as the result of an accident, your family will receive an extra payment on top of your preselected benefit amount. That means your family may receive enough to cover funeral expenses and bills.  

Optional Accidental Death benefit under our Family Life cover 

Our Family Life cover offers a maximum benefit up to £750,000 (depending on your age), you can also apply to take out Optional Accidental Death cover for extra peace of mind. 

This benefit gives your family an additional £650,000 lump sum (maximum available depends on your age at the start of the policy) on top of your Life Insurance benefit.  

Protecting yourself in the event of an accident is easy 

At Smart we can help you get that extra bit of cover that could provide for your loved ones should tragedy strike. With our Guaranteed Life Insurance you buy cover online now and you’ll have protection from accidental death immediately. For our Family Life Insurance, you can get a no-obligation quote over the phone today. Once you’ve signed up to the selected policy you will be covered for death by accident from day one. So you can help protect your loved ones should the worst happen in a simple and straightforward way.  

No one knows what could be around the corner but having a plan in place can make all the difference. Accidental Death Cover could provide that extra safety net that could help your family when you’re not around.