Lifetime Payback Guarantee®

Did you know that with other Guaranteed Life Insurance plans, you could actually end up paying in more than what is paid out?

Not with Smart Insurance - we are different! With our Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance plan we offer the unique Lifetime Payback Guarantee® which ensures that the lump sum your loved ones receive will always be the greater of the amount you are insured for or, the total premiums you have paid.

It’s smart, simple and straightforward. If you live a long life and pay in more than your benefit amount, we’ll pay out all the premiums you pay in. So you can’t lose either way: your loved ones will either get your benefit amount or the amount you pay in, whichever is more. That’s smart thinking.

With our Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance Life Insurance plan, you can choose a modest benefit amount which could be ideal for final expenses and funeral costs or opt for a more substantial benefit amount to help provide financial protection for your family’s needs such as mortgage repayments and household bills. With no medicals or blood tests required to apply, we will offer you guaranteed acceptance, as long as you’re a UK resident aged 30-79. By choosing our Guaranteed Life Insurance plan you’re helping to secure your family’s future just when they need it the most.

You’re immediately covered for accidental death and after 24 months, you’ll be covered for death by any cause. Why not cover your partner too? We can cover you and your partner if you choose to go for a joint policy, and you can each apply for individual benefit amounts so there is a pay-out for each life insured.

You can’t predict your future, but you can add certainty to theirs. So choose Smart Insurance with the Lifetime Payback Guarantee®.


For your financial protection

Whenever you see the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® logo you can be sure that your life insurance policy is offering the new standard in protection and financial security.

You’ll be joining thousands of consumers who have opted for a life insurance policy that guarantees fairness.

Some life insurance policies actually pay back less than customers have paid in over their lifetime.

With the protection of the Lifetime Payback Guarantee®, you can have the peace of mind that your loved ones will receive your cover amount or the total premiums you’ve paid in – whichever is more.

The protection of the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® applies if you continue your policy for life and will only reduce in value if you reduce your benefit amount.

How does the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® work?


Samantha*, aged 47, buys a Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance policy with a benefit amount of £2,000. Her monthly payments are £5.71. By the time Samantha is 77, she will have paid more in premiums than her selected benefit amount, but thanks to the Lifetime Payback Guarantee® when Samantha passes away her loved ones will get an amount equal to at least all the premiums paid. For example, if Samantha passes away aged 80, her loved would receive £2,261.16 instead of the original benefit amount of £2,000.

*Samantha is a fictional character used for product explanation purposes only. Pricing is accurate based on Samantha’s age and benefit amount, and Lifetime Payback Guarantee® amount based on 33 years premiums paid.


10 reasons To Choose Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance

At Smart Insurance we make your life easier:

  • No Medicals, No Blood Tests, No Complicated Forms To Fill In
  • Benefit Amount From £2,000 Up To £20,000 - depending on your age
  • Flexibility Without Fees - apply to increase or decrease monthly premiums without any additional administration charges
  • Guaranteed No Increases - fixed monthly premiums let you plan for the future knowing the cost will never increase
  • Guaranteed Immediate Cover For Accidental Death - plus death by any cause after 24 months
  • Guaranteed 3 Times Your Benefit Amount Up To £60,000 - if death is due to an accident
  • 99% Of All Life Insurance Claims Are Paid - Scottish Friendly approved and paid 99.7% of all life insurance claims received in 2016
  • Will Kit Included - with every policy to help get your affairs in order
  • Worldwide Cover - you are covered anywhere in the world
  • Feefo 5-Star Rated Call Centre - based here in the UK

Remember - No other insurance provider offers you the Lifetime Payback Guarantee®.


Backed by 150 years’ experience:

Smart Insurance products are provided by one of Scotland’s longest standing Life Insurers of over 150 years - Scottish Friendly Assurance Society Limited, so you can be confident knowing that your policy is backed by a respected and secure organisation.

How do I apply?

Call us on 0333 321 9161 and one of our experienced agents will walk you through completing a simple application form - Remember, acceptance is guaranteed if you’re a UK resident aged 30-79.



“ Very informative and helpful adviser. Answered all my questions. ”

Michelle, April 2016

“ The young lady that contacted me answered all my questions and concerns. She was extremely pleasant and a pleasure to deal with. ”

Roger, April 2016

“ Really good price. Left me leaving with a good peace of mind that I am covered for life. ”

Daniel, April 2016