Home-made Beauty Treats Your Skin Will Love

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Oct 14, 2014 by Smart Blog

Whether through fear of harsh chemicals or a desire to be more ecologically friendly, many people love natural cosmetics and skin care products. There is, however, an even better reason to love them - natural skincare products really work!

Not convinced? Why not try out some of these recipes, some of which contain nothing other than store-cupboard staples, and see the results for yourself?



Many dermatologists claim that moisturising and cleansing are the two most important things you can do for your skin. Moisturising keeps the skin plump and bright, whereas dry skin tends to be dull.

You may wish to use a natural oil, such as coconut or sweet almond oil, to moisturise your skin, but some people find those rather greasy. A great alternative is to make your own (much less greasy) moisturiser bars, so here is a simple recipe: 

  • Place a mixing bowl in simmering water.
  • Put equal measures of coconut oil and cocoa butter into the bowl, to melt.
  • Add the same amount of beeswax (please note that all of these ingredients are easily purchased online).
  • Stir thoroughly.
  • Pour the resulting mixture into molds - or use fairy cake cases - and leave it to set.

This moisturiser is suitable for use all over the body, including the face.



Natural oils (as mentioned above) are great for cleansing, too. Olive, rapeseed and jojoba are particularly popular for this purpose - yes, it is perfectly possible to use the bottle of olive oil in the kitchen for both cooking and skin cleansing purposes!

To use oil to cleanse, simply rub it into the skin, then wipe it off with a warm, damp flannel.



Many people like to use face-masks to enhance and revive the skin, and these too can be made from natural ingredients. To brighten skin, simply beat a few egg whites together, apply them to the face and relax for 20 minutes, then wipe the mask off with a warm, damp cloth. Add a few drops of lemon juice to the eggs whites to revive dull and tired looking skin.

Lemon juice can also be mixed with honey to make a particularly moisturising face-mask.


Scrub Up

All skin accumulates dead skin cells and other debris over time - using a scrub to get rid of this can really improve the skin's appearance. Make a lemon salt scrub by mixing the zest of a lemon with 250g sea salt and 150ml almond oil. Put these into a container with a tightly fitting lid and shake before each use.



Finally, most people want to smell, as well as look, great. You can make an effective natural deodorant by mixing equal measures of coconut oil and bicarbonate of soda with a little shea butter. Melt the oil and butter over a moderate heat, stir in the bicarbonate of soda and pour the mixture into a container. Allow it to set, then, when required, smooth the deodorant onto your skin with your fingertips.