Improve your concentration, the healthier way


Jan 08, 2016 by Aman

Life can really get on top of us, and when there are so many things to worry about and plan for it's easy to lose focus when you're at work.

If you're health-conscious, you probably don't want to hit the coffee too many times during the day, particularly as it can disrupt your sleep cycles, so finding alternatives to improve your concentration can be really important.

Boost yourself the nutty way

Almonds are great for your memory and concentration, thanks to the vitamin E. The most convenient way to get them into you is to grab a handful of the tasty nuts and nibble as you work, but you can also boost yourself with warm almond milk. As with most things, there's an easy way and a more labour-intensive way to do this. The easy way is to buy a readymade almond milk pack from the supermarket. However, you can't be sure how much goodness you're really getting from the commercial stuff, so the other way is to make it yourself!

Take seven or eight almonds and soak them overnight in milk or water. Peel them the following day – the skins will drop off – and grind them into a wet paste in a mortar. Mix the paste with a glass of milk and warm the lot in a pan for a tasty drink. If you do this on a daily basis over a few weeks, your concentration will noticeably improve.

Concentrate on the citrus flavour

The flavonoids in citrus fruits are where the brain goodness lies, so even the smell of citrus will sharpen your focus a little. Think of it like an emergency application. You can buy yourself an essential oil to provide the boost if you like, or even just break the skin of a lemon or orange and breathe in the beauty.

Science tells us that citrus flavonoids actually cross the blood-brain barrier and reduce the chance of neurodegeneration, so if you have dementia somewhere in your family, eating these fruits may help protect you from this terrible disease.

The high levels of magnesium found in citrus also helps with concentration, so even eating an orange or juicing a grapefruit with some ginger and honey can be a great way to sharpen the senses.

Gingko for brain improvement

A number of scientific studies over the years have shown that Gingko biloba really does work, and it has even been used in the battle against dementia. Consuming it improves the blood flow to the brain and means that the cells will be better looked after. It's possible to drink it in the form of a tea, or add it to water as a tincture from a wholefood shop. Supplements aren't always as good as they look, so it's best not to take it in the form of tablets or capsules unless it's a really good brand.

It's always best to get your vitamins and goodness directly from the vegetable or fruit if possible, but if that isn't easy where you live, or if it isn't compatible with your lifestyle, then supplements, tinctures, and essential oils can help a lot.