Post Workout Snacks Are Good For You


Aug 28, 2014 by Smart Blog

You know how it goes. You have completed your workout, you have showered, you have placed your gym clothing into your bag or washing machine and it is time to grab a snack. This is where many people undo the benefit of their workout and actually negate their hard work and effort.

There are plenty of great snacks that are available for people to enjoy after their workout which will actually be of benefit to them. This is where taking the time to know what post workout snacks are good for you will pay off in the long run. Some of these snacks can be placed into your sports bag alongside your gear so no matter where you work out, you will be able to eat healthily and continue your hard work and effort.

You may be a little surprised by this tip but it is possible to get a healthy post workout snack from chocolate milkshakes. This is because there is a balance of protein, whey and casein in this concoction, which should ensure your body ingests the food fast but also provides a slow benefit from it. When you add in the fact you are receiving carbs from the chocolate and the milkshake will hopefully be enough to curb any sweet cravings you have, you’ll find that this is an excellent snack to have access to after your workout.

The availability of chocolate milkshakes in bottles, cartons and packages ensures that no matter where you work out, you’ll be able to have a drink with you at all times. Before you know it, chocolate milkshake may become as crucial to your workout routine as sportswear.

Greek yoghurt and berries

This is a combination that is sweet enough to keep everyone happy but effective enough to pack a real wallop when it comes to a post workout snack. There is a high level of antioxidants in berries and this will help to reduce soreness in your muscles and remove any inflammation you may suffer from. Combining the berries with a Greek style yoghurt ensures you also get a protein boost, making this a terrific snack for after a workout.

Chicken is a great way to get protein after a workout

While eating some chicken after your workout isn’t always convenient, it is one of the best sources of protein you can find and it is worth bearing in mind. If you have time before your workout to prepare a chicken based snack, you’ll feel the benefit of doing so for a good while to come. This has been the sort of snack that bodybuilders have been eating for years and even if you cook it as your main meal after a gym session, it will be a tasty and effective snack.

Chicken with rice and some cashew nuts, to add some omega-3 to your diet; will ensure you get the energy combined with a great tasting meal. Making the most of your workout isn’t just about working hard in your gym clothing; it is about giving your body the right fuel to recover and to push on with further exercise. Protein is crucial for aiding the recovery process, making it an important factor of a post-workout snack, and chicken is one of the best ways to get good quality protein into your diet.

A banana smoothie is a great way to drink and split

When it comes to getting protein into your body fast, a smoothie can work wonders and there are some great ways to do so. You should find that protein powder can be the perfect platform for your smoothie and vanilla works well with so many ingredients and tastes. One of the most popular forms of post workout smoothie will feature bananas but you may want to add some kale to ensure that you get the antioxidants you need to remain in good health.