Secret Superfoods Revealed


Jul 25, 2014 by Smart Blog

Is your diet healthier than you think?

Diet is important at all stages of our live – but especially as we start to age. By eating healthily and living an active life, you may actually extend your life expectancy and improve your overall wellbeing so that you are able to enjoy your life.

What is even better is that eating healthily does not have to be boring! There are actually a large number of secret superfoods that are delicious to eat and good for your body. 

Some of them are so secret that you probably eat them every day without realising the good it is doing for you. 

To help unravel the mystery, here are some of the secret superfoods that could be making your diet healthier than you ever imagined!



The large green bush of this vegetable is instantly recognisable – but did you know it is also packed full of life-extending nutrients? Whether you choose to eat the whole vegetable or leave the stalk behind, this is one superfood that is worth keeping in your diet.



It is highly likely that you add a little garlic to your food for seasoning and flavour. By doing so, you’re actually helping your body to fight certain disease and even stave off cancer! 

According to some studies, phytochemicals found in garlic can actually stop the formation of carcinogenic chemicals. Further research has shown that women who eat larger quantities of garlic have a lower risk of developing certain colon cancers. 

It may not be quite so good for your breath – but garlic is certainly good for your body! 



Whether you eat them cold in a salad or cook them into sauces, pasta dishes and soups, tomatoes should be an essential part of your diet. Just like garlic, they can actually help to fight carcinogens in your body. This time the cancer-fighting ingredient is Lycopene and tomatoes are one the best sources of it. 



Not every item of food that is good for you is based around fruit and vegetables and even your favourite treat could be doing you more good than you realise. A modest amount of chocolate can actually extend your life if eaten regularly with a 1999 Harvard Study on male adults proving these results. 

The beneficial ingredients of chocolate are mainly derived from the cocoa content and that is why dark chocolate is generally considered the best (and healthiest) option.



Meat is a vital part of any diet – providing key nutrients and proteins which are vital for our body’s regeneration and growth. While red meat is best eaten in small quantities, white meat and fish are considered much more beneficial.

Fish such as salmon and tuna can actually help people with heart disease. This is because they contain omega-3 fatty acids which are used to fight inflammation. How you cook meat and fish is also important if you want to achieve the best benefits and baking or boiling fish is considered far better for you than frying, drying or salting it.

One study, conducted by the University of Hawaii in 2009, found that men who ate baked and boiled fish lowered their risk of heart disease by almost a quarter (23%) as opposed to those who didn’t eat much of this type of meat.