10 Most Expensive Celebrity Body Parts


Oct 13, 2014 by Smart Blog

For the majority of us, our car, house and health are some of our most valuable commodities. In the world of celebrities though, things are a little different.

While we could never dream of owning a million dollar finger or a $300 million booty, celebrities make their fortunes from their highly bankable body parts. If anything goes awry with their famed figures or trademark smiles, they could be out of pocket to the tune of millions. That’s why these sport, film and music stars have protected their assets with eye-watering insurance policies.


David Lee Roth’s sperm - $1 million

The Van Halen front man lays claim to one of the strangest insurance policies around. Likely expecting they would see a lot of action, David Lee Roth took out a cover to protect his little swimmers, which are worth a staggering $1 million. His policy even covers him for potential paternity suits and child support payments, meaning if he gets a groupie knocked up, his insurance company will fork over a seven figure sum.


Keith Richards’ middle finger - $1.6 million

As guitarist of the iconic rock band The Rolling Stones, it’s no wonder that Keith Richards’ hands are hugely valuable. The controversial musician even once claimed they were “the business”, so it only makes sense that they are protected. The hands that helped pen some of the world’s most famous songs are rumoured to be insured for $2 million, but it is the middle finger on his left hand which is reportedly the priciest of all his digits, with a policy of $1.6 million.


Madonna’s breasts - $2 million

Madonna’s provocative outfits and on stage antics have gained her nearly as much attention as her hits. One of her most instantly recognisable clothing items were her cone-shaped brassieres, with a pair selling for $77,000 in an auction back in 2012. However, it was the pair under the bra that was really worth the big bucks, with Madonna’s breasts reportedly being insured for a whopping $2 million.


Heidi Klum’s legs - $2 million

Everyone has their fair share of bumps and scratches in their lifetime, but one little accident cost model Heidi Klum thousands. With her looks being integral to her career, Klum decided to take out a $2 million insurance policy on her legs. But during her insurance appraisal, her left leg was deemed a lot less valuable than her right, due to a small scar on her left knee.


Bruce Springsteen’s vocal chords - $6 million

Bruce Springsteen has shifted around 120 million records globally, making him one of the best selling artists of all time. Behind all his fame and fortune is a voice though, and the American treasure was taking no risks with his money making vocal chords. Insurance company Lloyd’s of London decided on a figure of $6 million for Springsteen’s award-winning voice. 


Tom Jones’ chest hair - $7 million

This aging crooner apparently believes his pelt of grey chest hair is the key to his enduring sex appeal, which is why Tom Jones’ allegedly insured his chest hair in 2008. While most reports say the locks are worth $7 million, others put the figure at half that amount, while some believe the claims to be false altogether.


Daniel Craig’s entire body - $9.5 million

The Bond star put his life on the line during the filming of Quantum of Solace, performing many of his own stunts. Despite Gary Powell, the film’s Chief Stunt Coordinator claiming he was “capable of doing it”, the on screen risk taking was covered by a $9.5 million insurance policy, which protected him from his head to his toes. 


Julia Roberts’ smile - $30 million

It’s hard to put a price on happiness, but Julia Roberts’ charming, toothy smile seems to be the exception. The Hollywood star’s grin is covered by a $30 million insurance policy with Lloyd’s of London, making each tooth worth nearly a million dollars each.


Jennifer Lopez’s behind - $300 million

Whether you know her as Jennifer, J-Lo or Jenny from the block, one of the first things that come to mind is her shapely behind. Arguably one of the most famous butts in the business, shaking its way from music videos to the big screen, Jennifer Lopez’s derriere is also the most expensive. The star has apparently had her bum insured for a mighty $300 million.


Mariah Carey’s legs - $1 billion

Alongside her achievements in music and film, Mariah Carey also takes the crown for owning the most expensive celebrity body part ever. After winning Gillette’s ‘Legs of a Goddess Award’ in 2006, Carey decided to protect her strut, insuring her legs for a mind-boggling $1 billion. Those are some pricey pins.