Babies On The Move!

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Jan 19, 2015 by Amy

Women give birth in all sorts of places - at home, in hospital, in a birthing pool...the list is extensive.

Most mums, however, would probably rather not give birth while they are en route to somewhere else - but for some women it has been unavoidable.

After all, when a baby's going to be born it's going to be born - whether mum is in hospital or, as in one case, parked up in a van behind a Chinese restaurant. Read on to find out more.


Now arriving on platform 1...

On Christmas Day, 2014, two policemen delivered a baby - on a train. The two men were on duty in Philadelphia, USA, when they were called to a commotion on a crowded subway train. It turned out that one of the passengers had gone into labour and they delivered the baby - a boy - shortly afterwards.

Baby Phoebe, meanwhile, was born on the 18:18 London Victoria to Maidstone East train in March 2013. Labour lasted for just fifteen minutes and fellow commuters applauded when Phoebe arrived - which was perhaps rather surprising, given that they were London commuters and their train had just been delayed by 37 minutes.

In Germany, in August 2013, another baby was born on a high-speed train in the eastern part of the country. Her arrival may have been a surprise but it did have its benefits - the train company concerned gave her a pass, entitling her to a lifetime's free train travel in the region.


Stop the car!

Many pregnant women have worried that they might not make it to the hospital in time to give birth, and for some that has indeed been the case. One Hertfordshire mum was being driven to hospital when she realised her timing was a little bit awry - and gave birth to her baby in the back of her husband's van, parked in the car park of a Chinese restaurant.

In Bexley, London, one man had to deliver his own granddaughter when he ran into heavy traffic while driving his daughter to hospital to give birth. The traffic problems were, ironically, largely caused by other parents doing the school run.

One Cornish mum managed to combine an unusual birth story with a heavy dose of irony when she gave birth in a car in a police station car park, aided by members of the force's.... C-section (yes, really!)

In America, one woman has given birth to two children on exactly the same section of motorway hard shoulder - three years apart. Unsurprisingly, the motorway leads to the hospital!


Flying in

Finally, one Scottish woman who decided to fly back to the UK from Ghana, where she had been working, to have her baby managed to mis-time things a little. She actually gave birth in the plane, in the skies above Gatwick. The resulting baby, a girl, was awarded two free flights by the airline, for use after her eighteenth birthday, and eventually used them to visit her elderly grandmother in Australia.