Interior Décor Trends for 2015


Aug 14, 2014 by Smart Blog

According to the world's style experts, 2015 will be a year of huge change - and a lot of decorating - for those who like to keep up with the trends in home décor.

In with the bold

Having spent the past few years relaxing in pale, restful interiors with off-white walls and neutral accents, householders are going to find all their senses shaken up with the arrival of bright, bold colour schemes. While the colours forecast for winter 2014/15 are warm but still restrained, with olive green and teal blue being particular favourites, by spring/summer 2015 everything will be much more vivid.

An array of new, bright tones are set to take over every inch of domestic living space, chasing out the tasteful pallor of the past few years. Key colours will be fuchsia, clear yellow and a bright Greek blue, the latter particularly in combination with greens, but citrus shades are also set for resurgence, and even neons get a nod. The emphasis is on clear, bright hues that make an immediate impact.

Mix it up

What is more, dedicated followers of fashion will be mixing, even clashing, their colours. While green and blue is forecast as the key combination, others include fuchsia/orange and red/yellow.

Key influences

In fact, almost anything might go, since the major influences appear to be the renaissance, botany and Africa. These influences are set to be most evident in textures and prints. Already a few brightly coloured and clashing floral prints have entered the market as wallpapers and furnishing fabrics, and these are set to multiply. The African influence is likely to be felt in the form of bold, tribal-inspired prints and fearless use of colour, while the renaissance effect will probably be seen in rich, luxurious materials such as velvet, embroidered silks and leathers.

Tone it down

To some, however great their interest in interior fashions, this complete change of direction will seem alarming. Many householders have grown attached to the pale, relaxing interior trend and will be concerned about replacing it with something completely different.

The good news for these people is that many - if not most - ordinary people are likely to cherry pick the brightness of 2015, and simply add shots of colour, texture and pattern to their existing pale backdrops. Of course, there will be a few brave fashion gurus who will go the whole hog, but for most this is a design trend that is easy to incorporate into existing settings.

For example, the key combination of blue and green can be worked into a pale room by adding curtains; perhaps a feature wall in a relevant printed wallpaper, and a few brightly coloured accessories such as rugs and vases. An otherwise dull piece of furniture, such as a plain bookcase or cupboard, can be given a new lease of life with a coat of bright, glossy paint in a bold tone. The key is to take what appeals from the new trend, acknowledge its presence, and make it work for the room concerned (and its occupants).

In short, while 2015 is set to bring colour back into homes, there is no need for it to be overwhelming. Happy decorating!