Top 10 Restaurants in Europe


Aug 22, 2014 by Smart Blog

1. Le Gavroche Restaurant, United Kingdom
Le Gavroche is a very luxurious restaurant in the United Kingdom located along 43 Upper Brook Street in Mayfair, London. The restaurant has very experienced and dedicated chefs specialised in preparing both traditional and contemporary French cuisine fused with English flavours. Notable dishes offered by this restaurant include Le Caneton Gavroche (poached duck in a light consommé served with two sauces) and Soufflé Suissesse (a special type of cheese soufflé baked prepared nicely on double cream).

2. Tantris Restaurant, Germany
Tantris Restaurant is strategically located in the city centre of Munich and offers quality services, making it one of the most famous restaurants in Germany. Founded in the year 1971, the restaurant has continued to maintain a clean record of providing excellent services to all its regular and new visitors. The restaurant offers impressive French and German dishes prepared with the utmost care and originality. Specialties include scallops with curry marinade, roast scallops with apple marinade, and Dover sole with roast Jerusalem artichokes. 

3. Le Calandre, Italy
Le Calandre is a very luxurious restaurant found in Padua, Italy. Since its inception in the year 1971, the restaurant has continued to offer the finest traditional and contemporary Italian cuisine. It has very hospitable members of staff who are always committed to ensure that all visitors are comfortable and satisfied at all times. Notable dishes include crunchy cannelloni filled with buffalo mozzarella, saffron risotto with licorice dust, toasted langoustines with fresh apples, and cappelletti filled with orange goose broth.

4. De Librije, Netherlands
De Librije is a very magnificent restaurant found in Zwolle City, Netherlands. The restaurant is housed in a 15th-centry Dominican building with very unique architectural design. It offers traditional and contemporary Dutch cuisine fused with French flavours. Notable dishes include baked potatoes, crunchy chicken skin, monkfish with bacon, scampi with cabbage juice and parsley root, scallop with veal marrow, mackerel belly with Madras curry, rabbit kidneys, and lamb with spinach. 

5. De Karmeliet, Belgium
De Karmeliet is a very luxurious and affordable restaurant found in Bruges, Belgium. The restaurant offers the best of Belgian cuisine fused with French flavours served in very elegant settings. It has more than 3 dining rooms with Victorian-style interior decoration. The guest rooms are equipped with king size beds, telephones, and DVD players. It offers wonderful dishes including risotto with morels, baked goose liver, and chicken stock with creamy sabayon. Accompanying the dishes is an excellent wine list comprising of very reasonable wines from Germany and France. 

6. Pierre Gagnaire, France
Pierre Gagnaire is one of the most luxurious and biggest restaurants found in Paris France. The restaurant is located close to Champs-Elysées, one of the most stunning attractions in France. It specialises in French cuisine served in very modern and flamboyant dining rooms. Its delicate and delicious meals include steak frites (steak and fries), boudin blanc (flavoured sausage), coq au vin (rooster in red wine), pot au feu (beef stew served with mixed vegetables), and blanquette de veau (blanquette of veal).

7. El Celler de Can Roca, Spain
El Celler De Can Roca is found in Girona, Spain. Since its inception in the year 1986, the restaurant has managed to garner three Michelin stars and other prestigious awards. The restaurant specialises in contemporary Catalonian cuisine. Notable dishes include piglet with almonds, sea perch with pineapple, cold mushroom soup with avocado, and red mullet served with border asparagus. 

8. Bagatelle Restaurant, Norway
Bagatelle is a very luxurious gourmet restaurant found in Oslo, Norway. It offers blend of Norwegian and French dishes prepared with modern cooking techniques. Sumptuous dishes include tuna tartar with citrus avocado, smoked salmon, steamed artichoke, and fresh vegetables with Mediterranean dipping sauces.

9. Le Pont de Brent, Switzerland
Le Pont de Brent is a fine restaurant on the heights of Montreux, close to Lake Geneva in Switzerland. It offers a blend of Swiss and French dishes including crayfish vinaigrette, roast pigeon with herbs, sea bass, Boltus mushrooms with fresh almonds, rabbit in mustard sauce, and trout. 

10. Chez Dominique, Finland
Chez Dominique is a fabulous restaurant found in the heart of Helsinki City, Finland. It offers a blend of Finnish and French cuisine. Dishes include pigeon heart, a mixture of fried fish and potatoes, beef tartar rolled in crackers, and and grated foie gras (fatty liver).