Travel Document Checklist


Jul 28, 2014 by Smart Blog

So, you think you’re ready for your holiday. The bags are packed, car is loaded, kids are dressed and the house is secure. But what about your travel documents?

It is common for something to get left behind in the frenzy of packing for a holiday, but travel documents are the one thing which you cannot cope without. Save yourself the panic of making a return trip or trying to get hold of emergency documents in time for your trip away by using this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to enjoy your holiday.


1. Passports

It’s perhaps the most obvious travel document for any holidaymaker to take with them, yet it’s also probably one of the most commonly forgotten. With clothes to wash and iron, suitcases to fill and children to look after, it can be easy to overlook even the most obvious parts of your holiday preparation.

To prevent against this faux pas, make sure that you always store your passports in a secure location. Cash boxes can be purchased really cheaply and are a great option. 

Next, set yourself a reminder or alarm. Set this to go off immediately before you’re due to depart and consider setting another one for a few minutes after you have left your home – that way if you have forgotten your passports you could loop back quickly without adding too much extra time to your journey.


2. Visa

Not every country you visit will require you to have a visa but there are many that will. Research this before you confirm the booking of your holiday to ensure that you have enough time to submit an application and get it approved.

Some visas can be applied for on the plane or at your destination airport but you should check this before you book to be safe. Some visas or entry documents will require payment too so make sure you factor this into your budget and have the money ready.


3. Healthcare

Whether you’re travelling within the UK or abroad, you should make sure you keep a note of the healthcare records for you and your family. This should cover any pre-existing conditions you have as well as any allergies or other vital information. 

If you are travelling outside of the UK then you should also make sure you have relevant healthcare insurance. For those staying within Europe, the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) should be used. If you travel in Europe without this card then you could be denied free hospital treatment in your destination.


4. Booking Information

As well as vital documents such as passports, it is also advisable to take printed copies of any bookings you’ve made for your holiday. Flights, hotel reservations and prepaid trips are all common holiday bookings and you’ll want to be able to show proof of your reservations if necessary.


5. Photocopies

Finally, it is important to remember that just because you have all of these documents with you at the start of your holiday doesn’t mean you’ll still have them at the end. Taking photocopies of your most important documents – such as passports – could help you get hold of emergency replacements with minimal hassle. 

Store photocopies somewhere safe away from the originals as you do not want to lose both!