Do I need a Will?

Your Will is one of the most important documents you’ll write in your life. With it in place, you'll be giving your family extra guidance during an emotional and stressful time.

Your Will isn’t just about sharing out your belongings, although that is an important part of it. It’s about who you appoint to look after your estate. If you have children, it’s about who should care for them if you’re no longer there. You can also make your wishes clear about how their inheritance should be managed if they’re not old enough to look after it themselves.

Your Will can also tell your loved ones what you want to happen to you when you die. For example, if you want to be cremated rather than buried, you can include that in your Will so that your wishes are clear. Of course, if your financial affairs or family situation are complicated, you should talk to a legal or tax professional to ensure your Will is sound.

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