A Guide To Getting Life Insurance Without A Medical

A common misconception about Life Insurance cover is that you’ll have to go through a gruelling medical exam or answer a lengthy questionnaire just to have a chance of qualifying. Thankfully, that’s no longer the case.

In fact, you can get Smart Guaranteed Life Insurance cover even in your 70s without a medical. That means it’s almost never too late to set up your policy. 

When you consider that the lump sum benefits could help cover the cost of your funeral and possibly other expenses after your death, it’s easy to see why so many people choose the peace of mind a life insurance policy provides. 

Can I get life insurance without a medical?

If you’re aged 30 to 80 and want the security of a lump sum benefit payable to your loved ones after you die, our Guaranteed Life policy offers between £2,000 and £20,000, depending on your age at the start of the policy.

Premiums start from as little as £3.57* a month and there are no medical or health questions involved. You’re guaranteed acceptance, and your policy is secure as long as you keep up your payments. 

Looking for a more substantial benefit, possibly to cover expenses and bills for the family? Our Family Life policy is open to anyone aged 18-64 and offers a maximum benefit ranging from £60,000 to £750,000, depending on your age and premium.

This is a little bit different from the guaranteed life insurance policies. At the time of application, you won’t have to submit a medical. Instead, we will simply run through a few questions over the phone to establish your lifestyle and other details about you in order to assess your level of risk, not as a condition of acceptance.

For example, we’ll want to know if you’re a smoker, what your level of alcohol consumption is, and your weight and activity level for your age. 

A policy for every lifestyle

Don’t panic if you’re a regular smoker who enjoys a nightly glass of wine in front of the TV. You’re still eligible for cover, but your premium could be higher than a non-smoking teetotaler who exercises regularly.

We’re not here to judge, just to match the right level of risk to each person we cover. And if you stop smoking for 12 consecutive months, you can change your smoker status and you can apply to make changes to your premium rating. 

What happens if your situation changes?

Under the terms of our Family Life policy, your cover is not affected if you develop a medical condition that you were unaware of at the start of your policy. We won’t remove cover or refuse your renewal.

If you did develop a terminal illness, where death is expected within 12 months as diagnosed by a medical specialist, your Family Life policy will pay out the full benefit to your loved ones. 

There is a slight difference with our Guaranteed Life Insurance policy - cover for death by natural causes only starts after the first 24 months of the policy. However, you are covered for death by accident from the beginning of your policy to the end. 

Of course, we support anyone in trying to live a healthier lifestyle in order to extend their longevity, but we don’t set it as a condition for insurance cover.

The most important benefit is to make sure your family is taken care of financially when you’re gone - and we make that as easy as possible.

*For a 30-year-old, on an individual policy with £2,000 of cover

Protect the life you’ve built, the Smart way

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For new Family Life Insurance policy holders only, once a minimum of 6 successful monthly premiums have been paid and the total premiums paid exceed the face value of the gift card. View full terms and conditions. Restrictions apply, see www.amazon.co.uk/gc-legal.