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New Baby Checklist: 36 Essentials for Expecting Mums

Make your newborn smile with our essential baby items

Everything you will need for your new baby during pregnancy and beyond

1st Trimester

Get your pregnancy off to a healthy start for both you and baby with these initial purchases in the first three months.

Essential 1


Mums have to look after themselves and their babies – supplement your diet with vitamins.

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Essential 2

Pregnancy Books

Learn what to expect during your pregnancy from the women who have been through it.

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Essential 3

Body Pillow

Maximise your comfort whether you're in bed or on the sofa.

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Essential 4

Waistband Extender

How to make your clothes go that little bit further – literally!

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Essential 5

New Bras

Why would you need a new bra? Find out here.

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Essential 6


Discover why moisturising takes on extra importance when you're pregnant.

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Essential 7

Pregnancy journal

Crystallise your thoughts and feelings during pregnancy so you can marvel at them later.

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2nd Trimester

Adapt to your changing body, get a head start on the nursery and have a last holiday while there's still time during the second trimester.

Essential 8

Maternity wear

Discover how much more stylish maternity wear has become.

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Essential 9

A last holiday

Make the most of your last few months sans baby with a babymoon.

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Essential 10

Sleep aids

On those nights where you can't drop off, what can you do to make things easier.

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Essential 11

Feeding chair

Some think feeding chairs are essential, others don't – make your decision here.

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Essential 12

Baby clothes

How many baby clothes do you actually need to buy?

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Essential 13

Changing table

Better than the floor? Find out about changing tables here.

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Essential 14

Somewhere to sleep

Three's a crowd – learn about baby sleeping options here.

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Essential 15

Baby bedding

What are the priorities when choosing baby bedding?

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Essential 16

Nursery accessories

Do the old rules about decorating nurseries still apply?

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Essential 17

Comfortable shoes

How should you deal with swollen feet?

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3rd Trimester

Prepare for birth and the first few weeks by wrapping up your shopping list in the third trimester.

Essential 18

Belly support band

Gain extra support at the time when you may need it most.

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Essential 19

Feeding supplies

Find out what you need to be stocking up on, from sterilisers to rubber nipples.

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Essential 20


Don't be caught short – find out how many to stock up on here.

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Essential 21

Baby bath

Are baby baths essential additions to your home?

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Essential 22

Baby sling/harness

Keep things portable with a baby sling.

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Essential 23

Hospital bag

Ensure you're prepared for birth in advance – not at the last minute!

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Essential 24


Get out of the house in a big way with prams and pushchairs.

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Essential 25

Car seat

Stay on the right side of the law when you use an infant car seat.

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Essential 26

Nursing bras

Take the fuss out of feeding with specially-designed nursing bras.

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Essential 27

Breast pads

Avoid inconvenient leakages with extra protection.

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Essential 28

Baby books

What do you do after the baby arrives? These books have all the answers.

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Essential 29

Baby swing/bouncer

Learn why mums swear by baby swings.

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Essential 30

Maternity pads

Keep things clean post-birth with extra supplies.

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Post Birth

As your baby gets older, you'll need to make fresh purchases to satisfy their curiosity and stimulate their developing minds and bodies.

Essential 31

Baby monitor

When you can't be in the same room, you can still keep an eye on your baby.

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Essential 32

Baby health kit

What do you need to include in your baby's first aid kit?

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Essential 33

Play mat/gym

Is it worth investing in a play mat for your baby?

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Essential 34


Do all babies like dummies? How effective are they?

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Essential 35

Safety items

Discover just how unsafe your home is for a baby and what to do about it.

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Essential 36

Teething toys and gels

Lessen the stress of this painful time with teething toys and gels.

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